We machine bespoke as well as common profiles from our well equipped machine shop and offer this service to anybody with this requirement. To name a few we create

  • Ogee. Torus. Bullnose. & mopstick handrail etc.
  • T&G, T&G+V, Halflap cladding profiles…
  • From detailed drawing we can produce virtually any profile shape.

Just email your enquiry or go to live chat.

We are a direct supplier to a beautiful company of gift products onevisioncnc….

Just the tip of the iceberg of our customers we look after as we offer virtually any dimension so you can focus on what you need rather than what you have to accept. We provide a unique service where we select the best of our stocks and plane every piece to your finished size so you can finish as well as start any project or job you have.

See here the great uses onevisioncnc have for our products we provide. See below some examples of their craft and notice how wonderful and endless the uses of our products/timber can provide. /

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 16.13.29

Keep up the good work guys and please keep your valued business coming to us.

A great library of the uses of our product.

Check out this step by step guide to buy your planed Oak in 60 seconds…..

We are open and ready for business. Feel free to make an enquiry via our contact page or go straight in and get your Oak planed all round, it could not be easier 😄.

What is planed all round?

Planed all round means all surfaces have been planed.

Timber finish terms for reference

    • PAR – Planed all round (both edges and faces) ✓
  • PBS – Planed both sides ︎✘
  • PSE – Planed single edge (gives you one straight edge to work from) ✘